Ecofriendly & Compostable Made from Plant base

Sugarcane Baggasse


100% Sugarcane Dry Pulp

Sugarcane pulp, or bagasse, is the fibrous residue from sugarcane. It's used for eco-friendly products like paper, biofuels, and biodegradable items.


Backyard Biodegradable

All our Products will biodegrade naturally in soil in 90-100 days in the presence of microbes. Works just as well for landfills too.


0% Plastic - 100% Plant Based

EarthyPack is 100% plant biomass such as sugarcane waste and does not contain any binder, lining, adhesive, laminate or coating.


Save Our Planet

We at EarthyPack practice ethical and sustainable ways to help reduce single use plastic waste to keep our oceans, rivers free of plastic.